DC Intern Turned Permanent DCist

You might call me a unique hybrid of my parents. My mom is a former  journalist and my dad works as a computer consultant. The result? I’m a multi-platform journalist and social media enthusiast. I ask questions and tell stories. I recognize journalism in its purest form, but embrace the technological changes in the industry.

My professional mug when I interned at NPR’s Social Media Desk in Fall 2009. (Credit: Maggie Starbard)

This blog began when I started my adventures as an intern in Washington, D.C. Working at National Public Radio Social Media Desk(@NPRInterns) was amazing (I got to ride an elevator with Madeleine Albright).

But in March 2010 I was offered the opportunity to return to the Nation’s capital for a real [read: paid] job.

Now I work at Fight Crime: Invest in Kids as a communications associate. My daily endeavors involve media monitoring, clip filing, assisting with national and state press events, video editing and “fighting the good fight” to encourage social media efforts.

Thanks for visiting!

Views or positions shared on this site do not necessarily reflect the views or positions held by any of my employers or affiliates. 

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  1. Diane Desmond says:

    Thia ia such a neat experience for you. I’m glad that your dad helped get you settled into your new digs. Enjoy all that is going on now and enjoy what you will be learning as you get deeper into the semester. Love, Aunt Di


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