Book Giveaway: Faith Powered Profession

In my three short years in DC (they have FLOWN by), I’ve been blessed to connect with women who have mentored me in so many ways, whether professionally, spiritually — or in Elizabeth’s case, BOTH.

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Elizabeth Knox and I were paired up when I began leading a small group at church about two years ago. She was assigned my “coach” — someone to check in with me as I prepared to lead others. She helped answer questions, and also asked (sometimes tough) questions of me. Our conversations have always been enriching, high-energy and fun.

The relationship could have ended after X number of check ins, as required by church leadership. But it didn’t. As it happened, I moved into Elizabeth’s neighborhood, and for two years I continued to meet with Elizabeth, sometimes for coffee at the crack of dawn, and other times at the neighborhood pool where we’d chat-and-swim with kickboards (annoying all the “serious” swimmers, I’m sure).

During all of this, Elizabeth was writing her first book — on women in the workplace. At the time, I was brand-new to the working world, and I got to ask her all kinds of questions, and offer ideas of my own. So I was honored when she let me read her manuscript and offer input!Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 10.55.58 PM

As a Christian woman who has navigated the business world for many years, Elizabeth writes with a common-sense, thoughtful approach, answering the question of how to “combine a vibrant faith with a productive career.” I’m really excited about this book, and I’m even more excited for Elizabeth. What a neat gift to share with the world!

So now for the giveaway: I’m giving away TWO copies of Elizabeth’s book, Faith Powered Profession: A Woman’s Guide to Living with Faith and Values in the Workplace! Just shoot me an email at megbiallas@gmail with your name and mailing address, and then I’ll enter your names through

It’s that simple!

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