[PHOTOS] My First Presidential Inauguration

If you get an opportunity to do something that only happens every four years, guess what: YOU DO IT.

It was my distinct joy to be part of the 2013 presidential inauguration – and not only just to stand in the crowds, but to witness it from the Capitol lawn. You couldn’t get any closer unless you were Katy Perry and John Mayer (who we DID see  walk past our section en route to their seats).


My spot in the green section on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

It was the ideal scenario: A friend offered me an extra ticket to the green section on Sunday. I spent the night at her place on Capitol Hill (this was key!) so we could wake up early and brave the crowds on foot.

Afterwards, we celebrated at Good Stuff Eatery. Of course, I had to order the Prez Obama Burger. It was only fitting.

Cold? Yes. Exhausting? Yes. Crazies? Bound to be at least one.

Worth it? Absolutely.

Monday reminded me why I cherish this city so much:

to walk where great leaders have walked.

to enjoy America’s front yard at book festivals, displays of human creativity, and film screenings.

and on Monday, to be a witness to history.

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2 Responses to [PHOTOS] My First Presidential Inauguration

  1. MarkB says:

    Love it Meg!


  2. Thanks for making us a feel like we were right there with you. Great photos!


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