SocialFresh 2011: Going Beyond the “Kumbaya Effect”

Yesterday, I reported on Day One of the Social Fresh Balitmore conference, where speakers focused on all thing mobile.

Today, however, spoke to much broader audience — marketers looking to maximize social media for branding and content distribution.

Perhaps my biggest takeaway was from Greg Cangialosi‘s presentation: “Social Lessons from the Start Up World”. He’s the former CEO of Blue Sky Factory, a start-up email marketing company. He described his theory on 3 stages of social media integration.  What stage is your company or organization in?

1. The “Kumbaya Effect” – This stage is the first foray into social media marketing. Cangialosi said there was a lot of cheerleading at Blue Sky during this stage. “Social is our happy place. Everyone rallied around it. But there was no strategy.” Cangialosi coined the concept “shotgun social” to explain how he pushed it hard without any real structure (that’s developed in stages 2 and 3).

2. Engagement and Buy-in – In this stage, companies should ask: “How do we relate to customers? Who are the influencers?” Cangialosi said it was during this stage he started a regular blogging schedule, and experimented with creating e-books and hosting webinars.

3. Strategic Objective and Execution – The third expansion area is in customer service and support. This when analytics become standardized, and SMART goals are part of the routine strategy. “Social media” is part of the line-item budget.

Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Changes don’t happen overnight. All good reminders to those of us who are a little more impatient (who? me?).

Oh, and the other highlight of my day? Eric Boggs from Argyle Social, who — I kid you not — wore argyle pants during his presentation.

Thanks, #socialfresh‘ers! I had a great time learning with you.




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