SocialFresh 2011: All Things Mobile

A few weeks ago, I won tickets to SocialFresh Baltimore, a 2-day conference hosted by the social media training company, SocialFresh. Day One focused primarily on mobile marketing. Here are a few highlights from the experts, roughly paraphrased:

Jeanne Hopkins on “The 17 R’s of Mobile Marketing” [presentation slides]

  • Outbound marketing is “interrupting”. Inbound marketing is creating an asset for your company.
  • Lay the foundation and evaluate how to test mobile. Start with your analytics.
  • As a user, you expect change to happen rapidly. As a marketing professional, you  have to stay on top of mobile evolution.
  • In mobile marketing,  we need to measure often, and evolve faster.
  • Think about documenting and recording feedback; readjust campaign strategy if needed.

Justin Mastrangelo on “Texting is Not Dead: How To Effectively Use SMS Marketing”

  • Mobile should integrate with everything, especially traditional marketing.
  • SMS has a 90-95% open rate and 90% of those open within the first 15 minutes.
  • People want to receive text messages that have value to them. Don’t just send general marketing messages.
  • 75% of Americans text. One in 3 prefer texting over talking.
  • SMS marketing myths: 1. That it’s only for young people,  and 2. That people don’t want to text.
  • QR codes are getting a lot of press,  but only 6% of mobile users actually use them.

Justine Jordan on “Optimizing Email for a Newly Mobile Audience” [slides and infographics]

  • Being “mobile aware” means designing an email with mobile in mind. For examples, see the 3Sixty and Fab websites, which are already mobile-friendly.
  • The finger is the new mouse; design mobile pages for “tappable” touch targets — not links.
  • Fifteen percent of email opens are on a mobile device.
  • Use CSS3 media queries to detect mobile screen size. The “display content” option is based on size of screen the email is seen.
  • Font size decreases about 50% on mobile devices.

Tim Hayden on “Mobile Web: Where Relevance and Decisions Converge”

  • Mobile is not a shiny new technnology; “mobile” is a behavior.
  • By 2014, mobile internet usage will likely overtake desktop internet usage.
  • We are making more decisions based on those close to us. It will be less about the “great influencers” in the coming months, and more about the more intimate, trusted circles, as seen with group SMS.
  • We are becoming untethered from the desktop computers. Humans weren’t designed to sit at a computer all day. Smart phones let us escape that.
  • “Shame on you if you’re using a QR code to take a viewer to a non-mobile-friendly website!”
  • Brevity will rule. The quicker you get them to a decision point, the faster they will convert.

Simon Salt on “Mobile Business: There’s an App for That”

  • 73% of children own a book. 85% own a cell phoneApps are not a mobile strategy.
  • The U.S. is quickly losing top rank for the most amount of app downloads. Mobile developers will need to have a global mindset in the future.
  • Entertainment apps like CarZar are an opportunity for data mining.

Lori Ulloa on “Optimize Your Mobile Website for the Modern Customer”

  • Google’s keyword tool lets you search for mobile keywords through advanced settings.
  • Focus on local: ask your customers to review you on a site like TripIt, Yelp or OpenTable.
  • Not “going mobile” is like saying to your client, “I don’t work on Thursdays”.
  • Determine your best solution: a mobile-optimized site, or building app? Choose the most worthwhile option.
  • SEO search success = local + broad category.

CC Chapman also gave the keynote at the end of the day, but I (regrettably!) had to jet. To see some of the conversation, take a look at the Twitter stream.

Check back in 24 hours, when I’ll have the notes from Day Two posted! You can also keep up by following the #socialfresh hashtag on Twitter.


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