Seminar Saturday: The Answer to Orphan Sunday

God has designed a litmus test to measure our devotion to him. The test? How we care for orphans. Jason Yost, founder of DC-based New Rhythm Project, explains it this way:

…caring for orphans is more than an initiative, it’s a way of life. In fact it is so important that God himself describes it as the “pure” & “faultless” religion that he had in mind when he created the earth (James 1:27) What if you decided that everything extra you had was in fact to fulfill someone else’s need?

Yesterday was Orphan Sunday”, an annual event to recognize the millions of parent-less children — our most vulnerable members of society whose parents might be incarcerated, deceased or simply not present.

This upcoming Saturday, November 12, there’s a chance to learn more about how to care for “the least of these”. There are 163 million orphans in the world. The problem may seem enormous, but it all starts with one. Join us as we share how you can utilize your everyday skills, resources, and networks to impact the lives of vulnerable children domestically and internationally. You will also have the opportunity to be introduced to and interact with many local/international organizations in the orphan care world. The half-day seminar is for anyone looking to adopt, advocate, or just fulfill your curiosity.

Join us at Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse (2nd & F NE, Washington, D.C.) for the seminar, which includes speakers, multimedia, and a Q-and-A portion. Here are just a few of the fantastic groups making an appearance:

ONE call.

ONE need.

ONE voice.

ONE step.

Be the ONE.


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