Let’s Redesign_DC.

“Lightning talks by local design thinkers”

Redesign DC was the first of an ongoing series about how to improve the city of Washington, D.C. The first one was hosted by The Parley, a “cultural accelerator and creative collaborative.” Parley plans to host this design series about every two months.

Redesign_DC featured an array of speakers; presenters talked theory, local design projects, open-source art projects and even offered up disaster relief tips in the form of zombie humor (yes, it’s true. Read on). Update: The Zombie Disaster Plan slideshow is now posted on The Parley blog.

The presenters:

Peter Krsko of Albus Cavus explained how ecosystems mirror human communities and what that means for the future of urban planning – especially how science and art can be used to improve public spaces (think about the splash pad that serves as almost a town square in Columbia Heights). Krsko was also named “street art aficionado” by the Washington City Paper).

Michael Beidler showed some images of the project his team at Trout Design is working on to renovate the old Italian Embassy at the corner of 16th and Fuller.

McCann presents ArtAround, her wiki-based arts-mapping project for DC

Next time you’re see art in DC – and I’m not just talking about a headshot at the National Portrait Gallery – snap a photo and map it in ArtAround. That’s a new crowdsourcing tool started by public commons evangelist Laurenellen McCann. She spoke to the benefits of collaborative community content curation. Redesign_DC was ArtAround’s public debut, the City Paper reported.

Ever consider buying a home in Washington, D.C.? It wouldn’t be my first choice [insert long list of reasons here], but Greg Tindale explained how home renovation is a viable option for those looking to make an affordable transition into home ownership.

Carl O’Bryant-yabar entertained the audience with his tips on how to prepare for the Zombiepocalypse. This one got plenty of chuckles, but his tips on disaster-preparedness were spot on! (“combating the undead horde: use your head — take theirs”). Update: the Zombie Disaster plan is now posted on The Parley blog).

Dafna Steinberg talked about her efforts to encourage kids to host their own art gallery showing at the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery at the Jewish Community Center.

Daniel Harris makes it a goal to meet one new person every single day. He blogs at The People’s District, and delivered a compelling presentation about how people – and their stories – make up another element of design.

Heard of the Awesome Foundation? It’s really another post for another time, but the org awarded their very first grant to PD Klein. Klein works with Fab Lab DC, and talked about her projects to boost the Capitol Hill neighborhood.


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