It’s “TBD” In The Best Way Possible

INSIDE JOKE: The name for TBD stayed "TBD" because the staff couldn't come up with a name.

I first heard about TBD, which covers the DMV area, while at an ONA meetup.

Too many acronymns for ya? Keep up. Acronyms fill every nook-n-cranny in Washington, D.C. – and not just in the government.

TBD is the newest hyperlocal news-blog community. It launched Monday, and covers DC, Maryland, and Virginia (D.M.V.). My friends at the Online News Association (O.N.A.) mentioned in at a meetup in May. There. Does that explain it all?

Not quite.

What does TBD actually stand for? I asked the Community Engagement team during their live chat session today. “TBD, as in new experiences that are to-be-determined?” I offered. “Exactly, Meg!” responded someone from the team. It’s not the most intuitive of names for a local news site, but there has been a lot of exciting buzz around TBD’s launch. (How it actually got its name is another story).

What sets it apart from other news sites?

It is trying to marry traditional news with the existing D.C. blogosphere. And there are, by the way, some GREAT local DC blogs. Even the names are fun: U Street Girl, The Capitol Hill is Home, DC Goodwill Fashion Blog, District Curmudgeon, and Bitches Who Brunch. Tell me that doesn’t make you want to move right inside the beltway for expensive rent and some good old hipster culture?!

Why am I so gosh-darn excited about TBD?

Not only does TBD gather local blogs under one umbrella, the site is also partnering with the local WJLA network. I’m not entirely sure what the multimedia aspect looks like, but convergence is always good in my book!

It’s launch was highly anticipated – by other blogs, news orgs and hyperlocal websites, including PBS MediaShift, Mashable, GigaOm, Mediaite, LostRemote and MediaBistro.

Oh, and I really enjoyed the letter from Editor Erik Wemple.

He posted, for yesterday’s launch:

Let’s recap some of the memorable comments. One journowag said the site is “God’s work.” Another called it “the most watchable new news site of the year.” Countless job applicants referenced its potential to revolutionize journalism. “You’re the future” was a common refrain. The Washington Postwas a bit more guarded, writing that TBD “is wading into a crowded pool.”

Not so crowded when God is clearing the way!

Entertaining. I’m excited to follow this new news site from the beginning. And it is full  of TBD-ness – not all has been revealed yet, but it sure looks promising.

It’s got manpower.

The site is a product of Albritton Communications, which produced the highly successful Politico. Starting out with more than 50 staffers, it will offer original information, while aggregating the best of local news and blogs. Plus, did I mention that it will cross-pollinate with WJLA?

Funny that I seem to have noticed an uptick in the PostLocal ads on the Metro buses. Could it be that they’re a bit nervous about all the potential that TBD brings? Quite possibly.


TBD is now 24-hours live. Here’s what the HuffPost and GoHyperlocal have to say about it.


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