The Pulse! The Beat! The Drive!

The Washington Center is closing up this week; interns are going home for holidays. Yesterday was my last day at NPR (at least, as an intern) and all week I’ve been catching up with friends before I head back home.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted. But that might have had something to do with my two-day trip to New York City.

This was my first trip to the Big Apple ever. My only context for understanding the city was the song “N.Y.C.” from the classic musical “Annie” and a few episodes of Sex and the City. In other words: not a whole lot to go on. I trusted my two roommates to be my guides, and that they were. Betsy and Angela took charge of the subway maps and planned our activities. In the words of my roommate Angela: “You don’t have to be the mom for this trip, okay?” I readily agreed.

In a nutshell, here’s what happened:

  • Butler v. Georgetown basketball at Madison Square Garden. This was our whole reason for planning trip to NYC to begin with. There was a Butler pre-party at a nearby pub called Stout. We got to chat with some members of the Board of Trustees, as well as say hi to LJ, our VP of Student Affairs, and university president Bobby Fong. The game itself was a disappointment, especially since Butler typically does far better than Georgetown.
  • Times Square. After the game we took in the bright lights of Time Square. It was really far more than I could take in, but it certainly helped me put it into context of all the movies it’s featured in (i.e. Enchanted, etc.). My favorite was seeing all the bright billboards for shows currently on Broadway: In the Heights, South Pacific, A Little Night Music, Jersey Boys and Mary Poppins. Afterwards, we grabbed a late-night snack at the Broadway-themed McDonald’s (very classy, right?).
  • The Lotus Hotel. Our hotel turned out to be a sort of discount hostel, right in midtown Manhattan. There was a shared kitchen, lofts, two bathrooms and very, very low ceilings. We had fun taking pictures of our ridiculous room, especially since it required using a ladder to get to the lofts!
  • Greenwich Village and SoHo neighborhoods. During the day we ventured out into some neighborhoods. Our first stop was Greenwich Village, where New York University is located. While walking through Washington Square Park (which includes an historic arch), we were stopped by psychiatrist who was filming a documentary on the uses of psychotropic medicines. Of course, we let Betsy, the soon-to-be-pharmacist, field those questions! We grabbed lunch at an Italian restaurant and proceeded to explore the many shops of SoHo we could not possibly afford.
  • Live! With Regis and Kelly. It was completely by chance that we landed tickets to this show. Angela got a call from ABC Studios during the basketball game that informed us we had 3 tickets for the next day, and that we had to arrive at 7 AM. We arrived early the next morning in the pouring rain (and sat through most of the show trying to dry off!) Special guest including Catherine Zeta-Jones, who just recently moved to the city because of hubby Michael Douglass’ work. It was neat, though, to be an in-studio audience and to see how a show is created to be “larger than life.” (Fun bonus: The Regis & Kelly Twitter account re-tweeted me!)
  • Rockefeller Center. Most of my roommates this semester were 30 Rock fans, so needless to say a trip to the NBC Tower was necessary. We stopped in the food court for lunch, snapped pictures of people skating out front, and perused the NBC Store.
  • New York City Public Library. Book lover that I am, I knew I wanted to see the beautiful building. I didn’t have time to look at any books, but I loved the architecture, especially in the reading rooms.
  • Skating in Bryant Park. Our final event in NYC was a spontaneous decision to go ice skating in Bryant Park – and adorable area filled will little shops, cafes and, yes, a skating rink. The rain had stopped and it actually felt a bit warmer outside. We skated for about 3 hours, surrounded by the NYC Public Library and several skyscrapers. It was perfect.

Overall: Impressed with what NYC has to offer, but not an ideal lifestyle.


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Thoughts From A DC Intern Turned DCist. A twenty-something goes beyond traditional tourism to achieve Washingtonian authenticity.
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