Our Public Radio Premiere

Two weeks ago, the Fall 2009 interns showcased our final work: “i.e. npr in other words.” Seven pieces were selected for the 30-minute premiere, and the production team and radio hosts pieced everything together using clever stop-action drawings between each story, and an opening voiceover commentary of a scene from The Graduate. Our show sets the scene for twenty-somethings, asking “What’s next?” (See: “Is there a hook?“)

My final piece for the show (The House That Rice Built) was shortened to less than three minutes. It followed the Rice University Solar Decathlon team in their quest to compete for the most solar-efficient home. An intern from NPR’s music library helped me find the Crosby and Stills music used at the end of the piece. The Executive Producer and Managing editors gave me lots of help reworking the scenes to help tell the story. Four photo interns collaborated to help fill my pieces with stunning photography. I’m grateful to everyone who helped.

Our show received praise from a great number of employees at NPR – who attended the celebratory luncheon and screening of the show. In fact, our biggest strength, many agreed, was the strongest use of multimedia in Intern Edition‘s ten-year-long history. Due credit goes to interns Maggie Starbard (Visual Direction) and Ryan Gibbons (Web Design) for their hard work in helping us reach that goal.

A fun surprise – our show was featured in Multimedia Shooter (“8 Projects I’m Thankful for Seeing This Week”), and our @NPRinterns followers helped spread the message of our work. There may be only two weeks left at the internship, but our blog is still going strong.

I couldn’t be more happy with the work we produced – and I stress the we – all forty of us.

Just some of the 40 interns at NPR.

Just some of the 40 interns at NPR.


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Thoughts From A DC Intern Turned DCist. A twenty-something goes beyond traditional tourism to achieve Washingtonian authenticity.
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2 Responses to Our Public Radio Premiere

  1. That was so sweet but I just have to thank you for working so hard and really embracing multimedia. You’re awesome.


  2. Pat B. says:

    You should be proud–everyone of you–It’s quite a finale. Congratulations!


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