Tech Tips from the Pros

The iPhone interface from Team California.

The iPhone interface from Team California.

Our next generation of iPhone app developers are still in college. But I caught up with some of the students who have implemented these tools into homes of the future – at the Solar Decathlon 2009.

Check out my first-ever contribution to NPR’s All Tech Considered that explains how these iPhone apps that monitor water and electricity, and control the entertainment system – “Smartphones, Smart Houses.”

The blog now has a live Twitter feed on the page. The All Tech Twitter account includes interesting tech leads, new gadgets and changes in the way humans interact with all of it.

And while we’re talking tech, this weekend big news for NPR: The first “Think In” with San Francisco’s top-notch tech titans – includes people like Craig Newmark of Craig’s List, founders of Wikimedia and Linked In.

Snaps to NPR for being on the tip, top, end, edge of thinking techy. (To follow the Think In conversation on Twitter, just search #nprthinkin)


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