All-Star Interns

I will have five roommates in Washington, D.C.

But they are not your typical college students. 

Two, Alexa and Betsy, will be completing their pharmacy rotations in the D.C. area. 

Katie scored an awesome internship with the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s office. Katie can fill you in on all the details of her experience on her blog, Dudek in the Districk (clever name, if I do say so myself!)

And Paige, my roommate (and sorority sister and fellow journalist), will be working at National Geographic in its research department. Follow her DC adventures on Twitter.

I picture myself dashing to the Metro in the morning and arriving at home for dinner to discuss pharmacy jargon, politics and journalistic endeavors. Definitely glad to be with a well-rounded group of colleagues.


About Meg Biallas

Thoughts From A DC Intern Turned DCist. A twenty-something goes beyond traditional tourism to achieve Washingtonian authenticity.
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2 Responses to All-Star Interns

  1. Diane Desmond says:

    This is a golden opportunity. I will be following your adventures on this blog. Have fun even as you do some real work. Aunt Diane


  2. Emily K. says:

    Meggie- I’m SO excited for you to live with pharmacy nerds. Praying for you and SO excited for your internship. WOOHOO!


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